Intensive Out-Patient Treatment

What is Peer-Infused Intensive Out-Patient Treatment (PIIOT)?

Put simply, Peer-Infused Intensive Out-Patient Treatment is an extended duration treatment that includes a direct connection to the local Recovery Community.  This critical connection may very well be the missing ingredient in successful long-term recovery outcomes. The expected length of the program is one year and carries high accountability.

“For those in whom other methods have limited success”

Our Services Include:

One Year Engagement

Triangulation with other professional

Plans based on individual need rather than budget

Family Integration

Co-Occurring services via Fernbrook

Direct connection to Recovery Community

Taking Massive Action

A Best Practices Approach

Evidence-based outpatient treatment methodology practices are sometimes more effective when offered in tandem rather than given in sequence. When applicable, our approach is a fusion of methods that have demonstrable positive outcomes. Highly individualized treatment plans area hallmark of our success.

Multi-Modal Curriculum

Post-Acute Withdrawal

Family Engagement

Criminogenic Thinking

12 Step Core Principles

Change Theory

Principles of Hope

Holistic Health and Recovery

Relapse Prevention

Recovery Maintenance

Emotional Recovery

Relationship Wellness

Gratitude In Action

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For many of us, the recovery journey started with one single act of humility-asking for help. Recovery Is Happening offers a wide range of services that can help. You do not have to do this alone!

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