A Better Life Starts Here

Healthy living, personalized recovery plans, and the caring support you need to get your life on track—that’s what you’ll find at Recovery Is Happening. We are dedicated to helping you reach your fullest potential and forever leave behind the damage and despair of addiction.

Recovery Housing

You don’t recover from an addiction by stopping using. You recover by creating a new life where it is easier to not use.  Our Homes are all within the vicinities of safe, family-oriented upscale communities. We believe strongly that our environment impacts our ability to recover and we cannot continue to place individuals in compromised environments.

Who We Are

Recovery Is Happening (“RIH”) is Minnesota’s leading non-profit, full-service Recovery Community Organizations. We mobilize and develop resources within and outside of the recovery community in public education, policy advocacy and is a peer-based recovery support service.

Our Founder & Executive Director

Meet Tiffany Hunsley, founder and executive director at Recovery Is Happening. Having personally battled and persevered through substance use challenges, Tiffany made the decision in 2011 to dedicate her life to serving others, helping them navigate out of the darkness and into a new way to live. Opportunities that were not available to her during her own struggles. The plan, create a peer lead recovery environment that was able to essentially create new patterns of behavior, while maintaining a high level of accountability and affordability that nearly anyone could meet. Today Recovery Is Happening represents Tiffany’s vision of moving Beyond Addiction & leading a life in Recovery.